Heritage Glazing

W e take great pride in working closely with architects to create glazing installations that enhance all types of heritage building.  Bespoke glass installations give you the benefit of maximising light, space and heat within a historical environment without having to compromise on the original building.

Designing To Spec

Every project is individual, and thusly a one size fits all approach is rarely appropriate. At SGP, we have the ability to design unique solutions to match the needs of the building.

Many of our projects have included using tailor made designs to create unobtrusive screens to protect historical artefacts, sophisticated glass balustrade and impressive structural glass doors to name just a few. We understand that with these types of buildings there can be many challenges but with our experienced team and wealth of knowledge we can create the bespoke solutions for you.

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Previous Challenges

Using the latest 2D and 3D design techniques as well as the latest technologies in shaping and cutting glass we have used glass to infill large, complex spaces such as arches and under crofts without having to alter the structure or cause damage to sensitive and listed parts of buildings.

Where space is limited, substrates are delicate, or access is difficult we have proven ourselves capable of taking on the challenge and delivering exceptional results that enhance the original building.

Where a historical building is to be re-organised to allow the space to be more usable by a wider range of the community, glass can be used to divide a building and provide a multiuse space without being detrimental to the original architecture.

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