St Andrew’s Church
May 21, 2018
Chameleon Tree Café, Longleat
April 30, 2018

Thermae Bath Spa


Initial Brief

The world-renowned Thermae Bath Spa facility, located in the historic city of Bath was completely refurbishing 1 of the 3 floors of its facility. The new facility was to contain an Infrared Spa, an ice room and a Roman caldarium among others. Each area was to be separated from the others to provide a series of unique experiences to the client as they move through the spa.


SGP designed, supplied and installed a number of toughened glass screens to form the fronts of each spa area, some contained integral frameless doors. The large glass panes allow the customers to experience a area of the spa separately from each other while providing a sense of openness and space to the spa area by making the barriers as invisible as possible.

Toughened Glass

Frameless Doors


Wet Room