The Arts Club, Winter Garden
May 23, 2018
St Andrew’s Church
May 21, 2018

The Mount


Initial Brief

The client wished to significantly extend a rural stone cottage. Due to the listed nature of the building, the existing out buildings could not be demolished so a way of incorporating them in to a new larger indoor space was required. 

Roof Glazing


Listed Building

Double Glazing


SGP were tasked to incorporate the external courtyard area and infill the opening between the buildings with 2no. single pitch areas of roof glazing. The thermally broken aluminium framing and high performance solar control glass created a warm and cosy yet light and open space which the client transformed in to a spacious dining room and open plan kitchen.

The roof was surveyed carefully and each pane of glass individually shaped and crafted to fit within the irregular shaped formed between the buildings.

Finally, a low maintenance coating was applied to the outside face of the glass to help maintain a sparkling appearance for the glass and framing with minimal cleaning required.