John Wesley Rooms
April 30, 2018
All Saints Church
April 30, 2018

Iron Duke


Initial Brief

The client, an industrial heritage museum, engaged SGP to create a glass enclosure for one of their most treasured artefacts, a Victorian rubber press, nick named the Iron Duke.

The enclosure was to protect the Iron Duke from the elements while being open enough to allow visitors to be able to see and interact with the machine which was the cutting edge of technology in its day.



Structural Glass



The enclosure was formed with large toughened glass panels, fixed to the steel lid and base with stainless steel stand off bosses, this provided minimal visual intrusion.

For the same reason the glass used was toughened which allowed the glass to span both the full height and the full width of each side of the enclosure. There were no unsightly glass joints allowing the exhibit to viewed from all angles with no visual interruptions.

At the same time, the glass provided a near invisible barrier to the rain to preserve the Iron Duke for future generations.