Iron Duke
April 30, 2018
Donkey Sanctuary
April 25, 2018

All Saints Church, Wrington


Initial Brief

The church custodians were looking maximise the use of the church by opening up the space all year round. However, the entrance was formed with a heavy oak door. With the door closed the church did not look open and all the light would be blocked out. With the door open the cold wind could blow in to church, increasing heating bills and providing an unpleasant environment on winter days. SGP were asked to come up with a solution to these problems.


SGP designed an all glass internal lobby screen with toughened glass double doors operated with underfloor floor springs, concealed beneath the stone flooring. For a bit of individuality, a bespoke handle and unique manifestation which represented the church’s emblem, were applied to glass. All of the glazing was supported by a minimal brushed stainless-steel channel bespoke to the existing church lobby.